Discover all the great things to do in Mombasa at your leisure with Chamiachi Hotel and Apartments. Mombasa offers a variety of local and international attractions, and fun activities. You can never capture all the essential "Mombasa Raha" experience in one day. Pastime by visiting sights of interest such as the beach (the crystal-blue waters of the Indian ocean), Wild Waters (for family entertainment), Mamba Village Centre and the magnificent Fort Jesus. Mark your visit to the Mombasa "Tusks", a symbolic representations of entrance into the heart of the town. We are also conviniently located near shopping malls such as Nakumatt Nyali and Nakumatt Cinemax. Contact us for more information.

The much publicised annual festival lived to its billing before thousands of visitors and local residents when the coastal town burst into life, lights and massive celebration of cultures and diversity, which will last ten days, putting to shame recent reports of insecurity on the Kenyan coast.

Mombasa city

The founding of Mombasa is associated with two rulers: Mwana Mkisi (female) and Shehe Mvita. According to oral history and medieval commentaries, Shehe Mvita superseded the dynasty of Mwana Mkisi and established his own town on Mombasa Island. Shehe Mvita is remembered as a Muslim of great learning and so is connected more directly with the present ideals of Swahili culture that people identify with Mombasa.

"This beach south of Mombasa is the quintessential tropical paradise, with thousands of palm trees leaning out across broad, shelving sands and outrigger canoes anchored in the crystal-clear lagoon. Although the area has been developed, there are still enough patches of jungle to preserve a sense of where you are."Most of the hotels here are well-geared for children, but standouts include the mid-sized, all-inclusive.