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  1. Rohingya migrants

    The movement of Rohingya from Myanmar to Bangladesh is an exodus of vast proportions that has bewildered even the most seasoned aid workers, writes Nahlah Ayed.

  2. james-lebron

    LeBron James is not backing down on his comments about President Donald Trump, and countless other players and coaches in the NBA made it clear at media days around the league Monday that they are equally fed up with what could perhaps be described as a pattern of actions from the White House that they would call divisive or worse.

  3. Mexico Earthquake

    Search teams are still digging in dangerous piles of rubble hoping against the odds to find survivors at collapsed buildings, while officials say they have so far cleared only 103 of Mexico City's nearly 9,000 schools to reopen Monday.

  4. Germany Election

    So much for the snooze button. The gains made by Germany's far-right Alternative for Germany party in Sunday's election — 12 per cent of the vote and a place in the Bundestag — are a shock to the system for many Germans.


    North Korea's foreign minister says U.S. President Donald Trump has declared war on North Korea, and that Pyongyang reserves the right to take countermeasures — including shooting down U.S. strategic bombers even if they are not in the country's airspace.